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Q5 Analytics partners with clients to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

Our communications and advocacy support needed change – in planning, policies and programs. We change minds. We inspire needed action.

Communications for the climate

Q5 Analytics provides advocacy communications for climate change mitigation. We partner with companies and organizations to make a difference. We provide the communications and outreach strategy, writing, social media and public relations support to help scientists, policymakers, product developers, service providers, and other organizations-for-change get the job done. Q5 Analytics is the “Act 2” company of veteran marketing agency president and strategic consultant Michelle van Schouwen, who is using her expertise to pay it forward for the climate and the future.


“Michelle van Schouwen and Q5 Analytics have developed and implemented strategic communications for my company and industry, to inspire stakeholders about the importance and feasibility of carbon-emission-free power generation for a better climate and economy. After many years of getting great results from Michelle and her team, I can recommend Q5 Analytics wholeheartedly for any organization working to mitigate climate change.”

Gregg Johnstone
Director, Sales & Marketing
UniTech Services Group

“For years, Michelle van Schouwen’s deep interest in and strong commitment to helping companies address climate change has been evident to those of us who know and work with her. I am certain her experience in owning a successful marketing company and in helping clients tell the story behind their eco-friendly products and business strategies will serve the organizations, governments and companies she works with through Q5 Analytics well.

Jeanne Yocum
Ghostwriter and Small Business Blogger

“As a valued current member of our Board of Directors, Michelle promotes the goals of our organization with strategic communications and program consultation. She brings over three decades of marketing agency ownership to the table for us and for all her clients. Michelle’s newest initiative, Q5 Analytics, focuses on the critical mission of promoting positive, needed change for the environment. I recommend working with Michelle and Q5 Analytics for climate change mitigation communications and advocacy.”

David Cruise
president & CEO, regional employment board of hampden county